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Original solutions to help innovators boost your R&D and commercialize your microfluidic technologies.

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Eden Materials

Novel material, microfabrication equipment and accessories for prototyping and scale-up purposes.

of Microfluidic device fabrication

Device Design

Lack of preliminary simulation & modelling of devices.

Master Mold

Fragile molds lacking robustness for chip fabrication at all scales.

Device Replication

Time consuming protocols & limited choice of materials at all scales.

Device Assembly

Harsh bonding treatments for biological applications & structural integrity.

Mass Production

Materials difficult to process, bond, & mass produce. Weak biocompatibility.

Review: Flexdym Polymer

"Since 2018, the Flexdym polymer has become for us an exciting microfluidic medium, allowing us to develop new applications in analytical chemistry as well as cell culture. With original material properties and an excellent capacity for protytping, Eden's materials, instruments and knowledge contributed to develop our autonomy with thermoplastic microfluidics."
Hugo Salmon - Power Webinar
Hugo Salmon
Assistant Professor at University of Paris

Review: Flexdym Polymer

" We are having a great experience using Flexdym sheets to develop our organ-on-chip technology! The protocol is more user-friendly and less messy than what we were used to with PDMS. You skip all the prep work! No mixing or degassing. Eden also provides great customer service throughout the entire process, making it easier for us to advance towards commercializing our devices. "
CTO Finnadvance Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen
CTO at Finnadvance

Point-of-Care Scale-up Kit

Microfluidics made easy for all production scales!

Eden Tech Youtube Channel

Videos & tips demonstrating how easy it is to to use all our products! Find step-by-step explanations on a variety of topics including:

Flexdym Bonding
Flexdym Molding
Sublym Program Setup
Epoxym kit steps
and more…

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Eden Tech

11 Rue de Lourmel 
Paris 75015, France

Client Facing Offices:
4 Rue de Rambervillers
Paris 75012, France

Trademark Flexdym  and Sublym – EU.IP Offices.

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