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Original solutions to help innovators boost your R&D and commercialize your microfluidic technologies.

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Eden Materials

Novel material, microfabrication equipment and accessories for prototyping and scale-up purposes.

Eden Lab

Consulting services focused on numerical simulation and scale-up of technologies.

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Challenges of Microfluidic device fabrication


Device Design


Lack of preliminary simulation & modelling of devices.
Eden Lab

Master Mold


Fragile molds lacking robustness for chip fabrication at all scales.
Eden Materials

Device Replication


Time consuming protocols & limited choice of materials at all scales.
Eden Materials

Device Assembly


Harsh bonding treatments for biological applications & structural integrity.
Eden Materials

Mass Production


Materials difficult to process, bond, & mass produce. Weak biocompatibility.
Eden Lab

Our Flexdym Polymer

A clear, elastomeric polymer that serves as a great alternative to PDMS. Certified biocompatible, Flexdym serves all production scales.

"Since 2018, the Flexdym polymer has become for us an exciting microfluidic medium, allowing us to develop new applications in analytical chemistry as well as cell culture. With original material properties and an excellent capacity for protytping, Eden's materials, instruments and knowledge contributed to develop our autonomy with thermoplastic microfluidics."

Hugo Salmon, McGill University
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