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Innovators face various technical challenges to linkedto aterials and fabrications processes in the develoment of microfluidic technologies. Our Eden Materials solutions provide a new user-friendly alternative to device fabrication, through new materials and equipement.

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Master Mold


Fragile molds lacking robustness for chip fabrication at every scale.

Device Replication


Time consuming protocols & limited choice of materials compatible with all scales of production.

Device Assembly


Harsh bonding treatments not suitable for biological applications & compromising the structural integrity of device features.

Replicate Micro- to Nano-Sized Structures

Flexdym is molded and replicated via hot embossing, which allows replication of structures at higher levels of accuracy and precision than soft lithography.

Flexdym At Different Scales

Eden Materials Flexdym sheets starter pack alternative to PDMS | Eden Tech

Flexdym Starter Pack

Ideal for intitial small scale device production. Each pack includes 10 sheets, 15 cm x 15 cm. Available sheet thickness: 250 µm, 750 µm, 1200 µm, and 2000 µm. Mix & match to your desire.

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Flexdym roll for Microfluidic Product Development alternative to PDMS

Flexdym Rolls

Flexdym rolls are ideal to boost your prototyping, but also compatible with large scale roll-to-roll embossing. Available roll lengths: 20m, 35m and 90m (only for 250 µm). Available sheet thickness: 250 µm, 750 µm, 1200 µm, and 2000 µm.

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Flexdym Pellets

Flexdym pellets are compatible with medium to large scale production, via 3D printing and injection molding. Now you can mass produce your prototypes. Available in packs starting at 1 kg.

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Affordable Microfabrication Equipment

sublym hot embossing

The Sublym

A cheaper, ultra-compact and user-friendly hot embossing system. Optimized for Flexdym molding from 1-5 minutes. Fits any small lab benchtop & no cleanroom facilities required.

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epoxym microfluidics mold solution

The Epoxym

Produce robust monothilic epoxy molds that offer a superior experience to classic SU-8 & silicon masters. Now you can increase your molding throughput.

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Essential Microfluidic Accessories

Eden tech microfluidics luer lock connector - pale zoomed

Connector Kit

Designed to connect Flexdym chips to the world, via the use of carefully selected adhesives. Adhesives have been tested for cytotoxicity. The luer locks and adhesives may be purchased seperately or together in our kits which include: 10 luer locks & 50 adhesives

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Hole Puncher

These provide easy creation of inlet and outlet access ports in Flexdym sheets. Available die cut sizes: 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm & 4 mm

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Watch to find out more about Flexdym...

A new polymer that is… elastomeric, transparent, certified biocompatible, adhesive
and scalable. Flexdym is molded in as little as 1 minutes using our Sublym hot embossing machine that is… affordable, rapid,  compact, and user-friendly.

Flexdym Users

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