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Eden Cleantech

Development of the AKVO Technology for Waste Water Treatment.

Eden Medtech

Research & Development of Organ-on-Chip and Artificial Organ technology.

Biomimetic Design Meets Massive Microfluidic Integration

Eden Tech is committed to groundbreaking innovation that goes beyond the current limitations of microfluidics applications. After all, nature uses microfluidics for a vast range of its large fluid processing needs, from the veins of leaves, to the microcapillaries in our bodies. And Nature does it with minimal use of energy.

At Eden, we exploit these principles inherited from Nature to bring large-volume and low-energy consuming microfluidics to industries, to  revolutionize fluid processing equipment.

Blood Vessel Eden Medtech

Interview: Eden Cleantech & BPI France

Our CEO Emmanuel Roy, chats with BPI France 1 year after Eden won the French i-Lab competition Grand Prize.

Here, he highlights Eden Cleantech‘s creation of  powerful microfluidics devices for water treatment. With our propriatery design inspired by nature, our solution is capable of processing 1,000s of litres of water per day. All at a low energy cost.

Eden Cleantech

AKVO microfluidic solution for waste water & water treatment.

Eden Medtech Microfluidics Organ-on-chip Artificial organs

Eden Medtech

A microfluidic solution for organ-on-chips and artificial organs.

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Eden Tech

11 Rue de Lourmel 
Paris 75015, France

Client Facing Offices:
4 Rue de Rambervillers
Paris 75012, France

Trademark Flexdym  and Sublym – EU.IP Offices.

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