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Epoxym Kit: Mold Replication Solution

Produce robust epoxy molds replicas that offer a superior experience to classic SU-8 & silicon masters. Now you can increase the molding throughput of all your devices, while increasing the life-span of you silica wafers.

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Epoxym Kit – Microfluidics Mold Solution

Are you searching for an alternative microfluidics mold solution to your fragile silicon wafers?

In microfabrication techniques such as hot embossing, it is imperative to have a robust mold to withstand the mechnical stress applied during molding and unmolding. That’s why we created the EpoxymTM kit.

What Does the Epoxym Kit Do?


It is a multifunctional and easy-to-use microfluidics mold solution system that replicates fragile silicon molds into robust epoxy resin molds. Once the silicon wafer is replicated, then it can be safely tucked away and excluded from your routine fabrication. This preserves your fragile and valuable master mold manufactured by microfabrication techniques (e.g. SU8 photolithography, DRIE etching, etc).

The high temperature resistant epoxy molds are robust and less likely to break during microfabrication methods such as hot embossing. This can consequently save you time and money, especially if you do not have direct access to mold fabrication equipment or have a limited budget.

How Does It Work?


The Epoxym kit creates replicate molds through a two-step casting system:
1. First fabricate a negative mold in PDMS
2. Next, use the PDMS intermmediate to fabricate the final replica epoxy mold suitable for hot embossing (see our Sublym machine for molding within minutes).

The EpoxymTM kit includes a frame system designed for the replication of 4-inch master mold wafers. The frame is adjustable to different heights, using screws and a latch mechanism. It is also accompanied by a valve and tubing, which permits the entire system to be connected to a vaccum pump (not included in the kit).

Therefore, the Epoxym microfluidics mold solution creates ideal molds for molding FlexdymTM  and other materials through hot embossing. To find out more about these solutions please refer to our Epoxym brochure and Epoxym user guide.

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16 x 23 x 6.5 cm3

Vacuum inlet

6mm rigid tubing

Wetted Materials

AI and FKM


1.35 Kg

Max Master Size Config. A

Up to 4" in diam.

Max Master Thick. Config. A

8 mm

Operating Temp. Config. A

0°C to 90°C

Countermold Thick Config. B

3 to 7 mm

Operating Temp. Config. B

0°C to 140°C

Epoxym Kit Components

Epoxym system parts | Eden Tech

The Epoxym microfluidics mold solution is a multi-functional and easy-to-use system to replicate molds. This solution is designed to help preserve your fragile and valuable silicon master wafer mold, by producing epoxy resin replicas. These replicas are more robust and can then be used numerous times whilst avoiding breaking. The two-step system involves the fabrication of an intermediate countermold in silicone, which is then used to replicate the master into a high temperature resistant Epoxym mold suitable for hot embossing.

Epoxym Kit mold replication solution

Mold Frame

The mold frame is composed of two parts: the base/bottom of the frame and the lid of the frame. The base contains a small hole in its center, allowing for a vacuum seal to be created during the molding process. The vacuum can be controlled using a vacuum valve. The lid contains a large circle opening at its center, to enable casting of the mold. The entire system has an adaptor connecting the frame to the vacuum pump tubing.

Epoxym Kit mold replication resin solution | Eden Tech

Epoxy Resin Components

Create monolithic & mobust mold using our carefully selected epoxy resin. It has high replication fidelity (0.2 μm) and high temperature resistance  (180°C).

Epoxym Kit 2-Step Protocol

Silicon Su-8 Wafer | Eden Tech
PDMS Wafer - Eden Tech
Epoxym wafer | Eden Tech
SU-8 silicon wafer prepared using photolithography | Eden Tech
PDMS cast on Silicon Wafer | Eden Tech

SU-8 & Silicon Wafer

PDMS Intermediate

Final Epoxy Resin Mold

Pattern is created using SU-8 and standard photolithography techniques.

PDMS is cast on the silicon SU-8 mastermold & baked.

Epoxym resin is poured on PDMS mold. Final Epoxym replica mold baked & ready.

Advantages of Epoxym Resin Mold

EPOXYM mold - Eden Tech

Epoxym Kit Latch Mechanism

Epoxym Easy to Use Latch Mechanism | Eden Tech

Easy to Use Latch Mechanism

Epoxym Creates a Seal Around the Mold | Eden Tech

Creates a Seal Around the Mold 

Epoxym Create 4-inch Molds | Eden Tech

Create 4-inch Molds

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Epoxym Kit Casting


Mess Free

Quality Molds

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