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Eden Tech is a deeptech engineering company. By observing natural fluidic strategies, we translate them into microfluidic systems to revolutionize engineering, just as microelectronics has done in the past. Our experience in computational simulation and design optimization allows us to reach our goals in many field of application. We have experts in MedTech designing devices for medical or research applications, including Organ-on-chips, Lab-on-chip, Artificial organs. We adapted our technology for industry, starting with water treatments. We are developing an innovative tertiary water treatment system and a system to remove microplastics from the ocean.

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Eden Tech - Innovation Lab - Technology Partner

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eden tech innovation lab +

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Eden Tech - Innovation Lab - Enterpreunership

Do you want to bring entrepreneurship and innovation in your research ?

In EDEN TECH, you will find research and industrial support to develop new technologies, improve performance of chemical and biological processes, lead the path to industrialisation and provide entrepreneurial know-how to research projects. We have the expertise, means, motivation and the right people to help with your project.   

Our Areas of Expertise

We provide Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for pioneering solutions to our biggest societal challenges

EDEN TECH develops technologies to clean water from dissolved micropollutants to microplastics. Our unique approach combines  microfluidics with biomimetic design for high-volume processing. 

Eden Tech - Innovation Lab - MedTech

EDEN TECH develops innovative solutions for biomedical research and technology, from organ-on-chips to accelerated antiobiotic production. Our biomimetic designs pave way to artificial organs.

Eden Tech - Innovation Lab - Microfluidics

The EDEN TECH core technology is microfluidics, which has wide range applications and requires specific knowledge and know-how. We provide  microfabrication solutions, advanced materials & simulation expertise. 

Eden Tech - Innovation Lab - Energy

EDEN TECH miniaturises electrochemical processes, reduces pressure and ohmic losses to bring highly efficient systems into the field of clean energy. 


R&D Projects





The Eden Tech Innovation Lab+ Team

Innovation Team

Eden Tech - Cecile Perrault

Dr. Cecile Perrault

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Eden Tech - Constance Porrini

Dr. Constance Porrini

Research & Innovation Manager

Dr. Arindam Bit

Engineering 3D Numerical Analysis

Dr. Jasna Rakonjac

Diagnostic Microbiology

Dr. Leandra Baptista


Early Stage Researchers

Eden Tech - Gwen Newman

Gwen Newman

Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - Silvia Tea Calzuola

Silvia Tea Calzuola

Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - Thomas Feaugas

Thomas Feagus

Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - William Arditi

William Arditi

Collaborative Project Leader

R&I Associates

Eden Tech - Jean Baptiste Blonde

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Blondé

Chief Product Officer - Porrima
Eden Tech - Wei Zhoa

Dr. Wei Zhao

Chief Product Officer - AKVO
Eden Tech - Amulya Raj

Dr. Amulya Raj

Product Engineer - Polymer Expert
Eden Tech - Jules Calvy

Jules Calvy

Product Engineer
Eden Tech - George Songulashvili

Dr. George Songulashvili

Eden CleanTech R&D

Research Projects


Identify the best funding opportunities with EDEN TECH’s calendar of the European Commission (Horizon Europe) calls

    *Get in touch for more information on European and International calls

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      Eden Tech

      Eden Tech - Constance Porrini

      Dr. Constance Porrini

      Research & Innovation Manager
      Twitter: @EdenTechParis
      Linkedin: Eden Tech Microfluidics
      Youtube: Eden Tech Microfluidics
      Logo Large | Eden Tech

      Eden Tech

      Twitter: @EdenTechParis
      Linkedin: Eden Tech Microfluidics
      Youtube: Eden Tech Microfluidics

      Trademark Flexdym  and Sublym – EU.IP Offices.

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