Eden Tech Team

An international & multifaceted team

Our team is driven by talented scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, who have studied and worked in the world’s top institutions. The multidisciplinary nature of our team enables us to provide expertise in the fields of material science, microfluidics, simulation, biomedical engineering, and molecular biology. The Eden team you have grown to love is only getting bigger and better.

Our Co - Founders

Eden Tech - Emmanuel Roy

Emmanuel Roy, Ph.D.

“I feel that when you are in a research lab, it is difficult to see the end of your work and how it can impact society. The fact that I could bring my scientific ideas to reality with the help of microfluidic technology, laboratory experience, and the support of stakeholders, has been a true adventure for me. As a material scientist and microfluidics expert, I am aware of the lack of materials for user-friendly and affordable microfabrication. By helping to provide novel material and microfabrication equipment solutions to innovators, Eden Tech can be part of the field microfluidics revolution in the science and technology industry.”

Cecile Perrault, Ph.D.

“Until funding Eden Tech, I was a researcher and I had my research lab. I really enjoyed the teaching, building of new ideas, and finding new knowledge. I always wanted to use all of this in a way it could have a more direct impact on society, and that can be difficult in academic research. So, I decided to move from research towards innovation, and test a different setting than the usual academic one.

I knew that we had great potential with our new microfluidics solutions. I also observed a lot of microfluidic innovation was not moving towards further stages of product development and I want that to happen for microfluidics. So I decided to help create and provide these new solutions.”

Eden Tech - Cecile Perrault


Eden Tech - Emmanuel Roy

Dr. Emmanuel Roy

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nano-Microfluidics Ph.D. from University of Gustave Eiffel. Over 15 years of experience in Microfluidics & Polymer Formulation. Inventor in bioanalytical science & manufacturing process. Expert at European Commission.

Eden Tech - Cecile Perrault

Dr. Cecile Perrault

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Microfluidics Ph.D. from University of Florida. Over 15 years expertise worldwide.  Previous PI in Biomedical Engineering at University of Sheffield. Inventor & industry expert in Mechanobiology and Cancer Mechanics.

Eden Tech - Roberta Menezes

Dr. Roberta Menezes

Chief Marketing Sales Officer

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. from Universty of Paris & ESPCI Paris. Laboratory Research experience in Diagnostics, Synthetic Biology & Microfluidics worldwide. Several years of corporate sales experience & business training from HEC.

Eden Tech - Jean Baptiste Blonde

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Blondé

Chief Product Officer - Porrima

Ph.D. in Microfluidics from University of Twente in the Netherlands. Expertise in microfluidics and organ-on-chip sytems. In charge of PORRIMA product development for water treatment.

Eden Tech - Wei Zhoa

Dr. Wei Zhao

Chief Product Officer - AKVO

Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from ENS de Lyon & IFPEN. Expertise in molecular modeling and simulation in the energy sector. In charge of AKVO product development for water treatment.

Innovation Grants & Prizes

The Team

Eden Tech -Marjan Abdorahim

Dr. Marjan Abdorahim

Head of Sales - Microfluidics Expert
Eden Tech - Amulya Raj

Dr. Amulya Raj

Product Engineer - Polymer Expert
Eden Tech - Constance Porrini

Dr. Constance Porrini

Research & Innovation Coordinator
Eden Tech - Florina Vedamuthu Balavendran

Florina V Balavendran

Graphic Designer
Eden Tech - Jules Calvy

Jules Calvy

Product Engineer
Eden Tech - Thomas Feaugas

Thomas Feaugas

Eden Medtech Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - Gwen Newman

Gwen Newman

Eden Medtech Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - Silvia Tea Calzuola

Silvia Tea Calzuola

Eden Medtech Ph.D. Candidate
Eden Tech - Paula Onieva Henrich

Paula Onieva Henrich

Eden Cleantech R&D Intern
Eden Tech - Ankita Gite

Ankita Gite

Eden Materials Client Support
Eden Tech - Esteban Robert

Esteban Robert

Eden Materials Client Support
Eden Tech - Sebastian Bermeo

Sebastian Bermeo

Content Marketing Intern
Eden Tech - William Arditi

William Arditi

Eden Medtech R&D Intern
Eden Tech - George Songulashvili

Dr. George Songulashvili

Eden Cleantech R&D
Eden Tech logo

Prof. Michael Kokkolaras

Eden Cleantech R&D
Eden Tech logo

Dr. Arindam Bit

Eden Medtech Marie Curie Fellow
Eden Tech logo

Dr. Jasna Rakonjac

Eden Medtech Researcher
eden tech offices paris france

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Scientific Board

Yong Chen Scientific Board Eden Tech Microfluidics

Prof. Yong Chen

Founder & Head of Microfluidics Research at ENS

Dr. Olaf Mercier, M.D.

Head of Thoracic Surgery at Marie Lannelongue Hospital
Yamin Leprince scientific board eden tech microfluidics

Prof. Yamin Leprince

Head of Research at University of Gustave Eiffel

Dr. Jean-Marc Choubert

Head of Research, INRAE- Reversaal

Business Board

Joel Bafouin eden tech microfluidics scientific board

Joel Bafouin

Commercial Director HYDROSTOP

Guillaume Pezzali

Lawyer & Director FIDAL
Mickael Généreux eden tech microfluidics scientific board

Mickael Généreux

VP MAM Group
eden tech offices paris france
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