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Our R&D Partners

Eden Tech is part of various European projects focused on the use of microfluidics for biotech, medtech and cleantech applications. Here are some of our project collaborators.

Eden Tech Distributors

Eden Tech has partnered up with selected distributors worldwide. These are the only companies, we certifying as providing Eden Tech products.

Zhejiang YoungChip Technology Co., Ltd. (CHINA)

A high-tech company specializing in the development, production, sales of microfluidics services, instruments, chips, and reagents. Youngchip has a platform for independent innovation, an established microfluidics R&D center and ten independent intellectual property invention patents. Zhejiang YoungChip Technology Co., Ltd. distributes our products in the southern territories of China.

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Fluids for Life & Flowcell (US)

FlowCell was founded in 2019 to develop enabling tools for life sciences. The founder Max Narovlyansky has received his Ph.D. in microfluidics with one of the field experts, Prof. Whitesides at Harvard University. He has over 15 years of experience in drug development and diagnostics. FlowCell’s vision is to provide tools for precision medicine by eliminating the artificial boundary between drug development and diagnostics.

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