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of Microfluidics.

At Eden Tech, we provide unique solutions to boost your microfluidics R&D and pioneer nature-inspired technologies for a sustainable future.

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Eden Materials Core Products

Eden Tech Core Products

Carefully crafted microfabrication solutions to help boost your research and commercialize your microfluidic technology. 

Eden Microfluidics Tech Materials - Eden Tech

Eden Materials

Our material, equipment & accessories.
Find our Flexdym polymer, alternative to PDMS.
Eden Materials

Next-Generation Products

Our R&D focuses on the development of microfluidics systems that process high volumes of fluid, while maintaining low energy consumption. This nature-inspired approach is implemented in two sectors. 

Eden Cleantech R&D microfluidics - Eden Tech

Eden Cleantech

Development of the AKVO system for water treatment.
Find out more about AKVO microfluidics for advanced water remediation.
Eden Cleantech
Eden Medtech R&D microfluidics organ on chip - Eden Tech

Eden Medtech

Organ-on-chips & Artificial Organs. 
Discover our collaborations & on-going projects.
Eden Medtech

Eden Tech's Microfluidic Technology

Featured in

Customer Review: The Flexdym Polymer

Finnadvance is a company focused on developing organ-on-chip technology and a valued client of Eden Tech. Check out their review of the Flexdym polymer, a great alternative to PDMS.

" We are having a great experience using Flexdym sheets to develop our organ-on-chip technology! The protocol is more user-friendly and less messy than what we were used to with PDMS. You skip all the prep work! No mixing or degassing. Eden also provides great customer service throughout the entire process, making it easier for us to advance towards commercializing our devices. "
CTO Finnadvance Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen
CTO at Finnadvance

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Eden Tech News

Eden Tech

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Paris 75015, France

Client Facing Offices:
172 Rue de Charonne
Paris 75011, France

Trademark Flexdym  and Sublym – EU.IP Offices.

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