Eden Tech joins the Coq Vert community.

Eden Tech microfluidic solutions

Eden Tech has officially become a valued member of the prestigious Coq Vert community. This community, established by Bpifrance in collaboration with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, is dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their journey towards ecological transition. Its primary objective is to bring together entrepreneurs who have embarked on this transformative path, fostering mutual support and collaboration among them.

The Coq Vert Community, what is it?

As per Bpifrance’s definition, the Coq Vert community stands as the definitive network of companies dedicated to ecological transition. Its primary objective is to unite, rally, connect, and educate leaders who firmly acknowledge the imperative to take action and have placed the climate issue at the forefront of their strategic priorities.

To foster a sense of collective inspiration, the Coq Vert community equips its members with practical tools aimed at facilitating the exchange of best practices, highlighting the initiatives carried out by its members, and, in general, accelerating their environmental and energy transition. It is crucial for companies, regardless of their size, to actively participate in this transformation.

Commitments at the heart of the company’s strategy

To become a member, a company must showcase its ecological transition efforts, which can be evidenced through ADEME assistance, specialized support from Bpifrance for ecological transition, or recognition through a specific label identified by ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Alternatively, a company can qualify for membership by offering technological, industrial, or organizational solutions to companies in terms of ecological transition. Eden Tech fulfills this criterion by virtue of its groundbreaking microfluidic technologies aimed at promoting energy and ecological transition.

To be accepted into the Coq Vert community, the company undertakes to place the following convictions at the heart of its strategy:

  • Limit climate change and restore biodiversity in order to preserve ecosystem services,
  • Make the ecological transition a necessity for the sustainability of the company and an opportunity to create value and jobs that require a change in its operation,
  • Promote new technological and organizational solutions and innovations,
  • Federate and mobilize communities of entrepreneurs locally and thus trigger their commitment to ecological transition,
  • Initiate the ecological transition of the company by operating a transformation of the economic model compatible with the objective of long-term carbon neutrality,
  • Put in place a strategy contributing significantly to the issues of protection and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, transition to a circular economy, adaptation to climate change, prevention of pollution and sustainable use of natural resources.

Eden Tech and Coq Vert

Eden Tech holds the key principles of Coq Vert in high regard, as they have been integral to the company’s growth and development. The company’s unwavering commitment to ecological and energy transition is reflected in their innovative technologies aimed at tackling pressing environmental challenges.

Eden Tech’s Ascandra system is specifically designed to efficiently eliminate microplastics from diverse water sources, contributing to the preservation of ecosystems and the promotion of cleaner water resources. Complementing this, the AKVO system focuses on the degradation of harmful pollutants, further ensuring the protection of natural environments.

Moreover, Eden Tech’s groundbreaking green hydrogen production system will disrupt the field of sustainable energy solutions. By utilizing membraneless microfluidic electrolyzer to produce hydrogen, the company actively contributes to decarbonization efforts and facilitates the transition to cleaner and greener energy alternatives.

The prestigious recognition of being granted the Coq Vert label fills Eden Tech with immense pride, as it serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to ecological and energy transition. This accreditation further solidifies their position in the field and reinforces their commitment to these core values.

Find out more https://www.bpifrance.fr/communaute-du-coq-vert

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