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FLUI’DEVICE combines decades of microfluidics research into a comprehensive online platform, enabling you to design and fabricate microfluidic devices with ease. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to select features from an ever-growing library of established microfluidic components, such as inlets, mixers, and T-junctions, and seamlessly assemble them in a user-friendly manner.

To validate your design, FLUI’DEVICE offers an online calculator that provides detailed hydrodynamic information. Simply choose your preferred injection method and input its value to obtain accurate pressure and flow distribution results within seconds. Experience the future of microfluidic device design with FLUI’DEVICE, where innovation meets simplicity.

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  • No Savable Projects + No Historical
  • Limited Components (15-20)
  • Limited Block On The Grid (30)
  • Limited Simulation - No Details Table
  • Access to the Mold Service
  • No Export or Export Result & Design with a Watermark


$220/month - $1767 Annually (-37%)
  • Unlimited Saved projects
  • Unlimited Component
  • Unlimited Simulation
  • Access To The Mold Service
  • Export Design & Results
  • Export Support + Free Consultation


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  • - 15% on Mold Service


Microfluidic herringbone chips use V-shaped grooves to mix fluids efficiently. These grooves disrupt smooth flow, promoting mixing even at low flow rates, making them ideal for microfluidic devices.


This microfluidic device traps large numbers of C. elegans worms (over 100 in 15 minutes) for biology studies. Unlike traditional methods, it’s gentle, preserving worm health. Researchers can now analyze, operate on, and image many worms quickly, enabling extensive and accurate studies.

Droplet Generator

Microfluidic droplet generators are tiny factories that create uniform droplets of fluids on a microscopic scale. They achieve this by precisely controlling the flow of two immiscible fluids in microchannels, enabling precise control over droplet size and continuous production for applications in biology, chemistry, and materials science.

Micro-reactor with mixing junction

The micro-reactor’s magic lies in its ability to multitask. It efficiently mixes gas samples with carrier fluids or reagents, crucial for analysis. It can also be heated, speeding up reactions or vaporizing analytes for better detection. Finally, the design allows for pre-concentration of rare gaseous molecules, boosting the sensitivity for trace components.

What Do Experts Think of FLUI'DEVICE?

FLUI’DEVICE software is an easy friendly and useful tools for a quick and reliable analyze of fluids behavior inside microfluidic chips. We mainly use FLUI’DEVICE before launching the manufacturing of a new design.

Guillaume LAFFITE

FLUI’DEVICE has fully met my expectations. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and overall performance have greatly enhanced my productivity and efficiency.
The level of support demonstrated by your team throughout the entire process of designing, validation and fabrication of microfluidics and molds for my company has been exemplary.


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A microfluidic calculator is a specialized tool that helps with microfluidic chip design,  microfluidic valve design, and overall microfluidic channel design.  It uses established equations to calculate pressure and flow distribution within these miniaturized fluid handling systems. This is particularly useful for designs operating at low Reynolds numbers, where smooth, laminar flow is desired and turbulence is minimal.

FLUI'DEVICE is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to your microfluidic design needs. It boasts a continuously growing library of microfluidic geometries, allowing you to tackle complex designs with ease. Unlike other online calculators limited to simple geometries, FLUI'DEVICE empowers you to perform hydrodynamics calculations on intricate designs.

FLUI'DEVICE supports design precision down to 1 micron, which is sufficient for most microfluidic applications. For 3D export and fabrication, you can be confident in its exceptional accuracy, reaching a staggering 0.0001 micron for position and dimension. The flow calculator's accuracy naturally varies based on the Reynolds Number and the complexity of your system. However, the FLUI'DEVICE team is constantly working to improve its capabilities, ensuring reliable results for your microfluidic channel design.

While FLUI'DEVICEe offers advanced functionalities similar to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, it doesn't utilize the finite element method employed by more sophisticated programs. Instead, it assigns specific microfluidic behaviors to each block within its library. This approach delivers reliable results but may not provide highly localized, point-specific information within the device. Additionally, FLUI'DEVICE currently focuses on hydrodynamic calculations, primarily providing flow rate and pressure data. However, there are rumors of upcoming features that could expand its functionalities.

Currently, FLUI'DEVICE relies on its library of blocks to generate designs and doesn't support the import of 2D or 3D files from external software

Absolutely! FLUI'DEVICE allows you to export your designs in two formats:2D .SVG files: Compatible with most graphic software, allowing for further editing after export.
3D .STL files: Usable in various CAD, CFD, and CAM software for seamless integration with your preferred design workflow. However, be aware that some CAD applications might encounter compatibility issues with .STL files.

FLUI'DEVICE offers a suite of features designed to streamline your microfluidic design process, including:Flow rate calculator: Calculate the flow rate within your microfluidic design.
Reynolds number calculator: Determine the Reynolds number to assess the flow regime (laminar vs. turbulent).
Pressure drop calculator: Estimate pressure drop across your microfluidic channels.


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