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Inspired by Nature, to Conserve our Planet

The world faces a water crisis, with diminishing sources of clean water and increasing demand from industries and urban areas. A rising challenge is the growing presence of micropollutants, dissolved molecules ranging from pesticides, to pharmaceutical and cosmetic agents, to hormone-disruptive chemicals. Some of these micropollutants can be toxic for the environment and living bodies even at low concentrations. Eden Cleantech is ready to help tackle this micropollution, to provide cleaner water around the globe.

Sources of micropollutants

  • Domestic Waste
    Domestic Waste

    Cleaning products, cosmetics, medications and contraceptives, hormonal treatments,etc.

  • Agricultural Pollution
    Agricultural Pollution

    Use of pesticides in large agricultural farms and gardens,etc.

  • Industrial Waste
    Industrial Waste

    Construction product treatment, pollution through industrial effluents, etc.

Consequences of micropollutants

  • Health Risks
    Health Risks

    Antibiotic resistance, hormonal and behavior effects, infertility, malformations, etc.

  • Environmental risks
    Environmental risks

    Gender transformation in aquatic species, malformations, food cascade disruption, etc.

Barriers of Molecular depollution

  • Energy-Consuming Technologies
    Energy-Consuming Technologies

    On average, more than a third of community energy bills are related to the management of polluted water.

  • Ineffective Techniques
    Ineffective Techniques

    Treatments to eliminate micropollutants (endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) are underperforming.

  • Heavy & Limiting Infrastructures
    Heavy & Limiting Infrastructures

    Infrastructure is too inflexible and limited in mobility. The costs of engineering and maintenance are high.

Introducing the AKVO System

What if a water treatment plant could be miniaturized?

AKVO’s smart microchannel networks are inscribed on CDs, which are then stacked into cartridges. This revolutionary design features:


Ultra-efficient cleaning by circulating the liquid in microchannels, to rapidly treat undesirable elements.


Energy-savy cleaning thanks to the microchannel network design, which prevents pressure loss and only requires a small pump to circulate large volumes.


Customizable number of cartridges, depending on the needs of the site.


Easy maintenance. A cleaning cycle ensures that channels remains clear of fouling, and cartridges can be easily replaced, while EDEN takes care of the recycling.

Eden Cleantech AKVO water treatment device cropped

AKVO Tackles Dissolved Molecules

Dissolved Molecules are a new class of water micropollutants poorly treated by current methods of water treatment.

While wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are not yet required to remove dissolved molecules from treated water, governments & regulatory bodies are currently evaluating solutions before implementing laws.

Currently, only one country has enforced  the removal of micropollutants: Switzerland. As a result, WWTPs recorded a 30% increase in energy use. In France, it is estimated that implementing advanced water treatment could increase the cost of clean water by 0,15-0,20 € per m3 using current solutions.

The revolutionary AKVO solution can treat micropollutants from water at very low pressure (<1bar) in a compact, energy-saving system. With AKVO, ultra-clean water is accessible at minimal installation and operating costs. 

Eden Cleantech Funding

WATERAGRI European Project

Ipanema Horizon 2020 project EU

IPANEMA European Project

I-LAB French Funding


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