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Eden Tech (Eden Microfluidics) is a thriving start-up located in Paris, with a team made up of scientists and entrepeneurs from around the world. As our company grows, we aim to hire the best talent globally and to maintain a dynamic and international working culture. So If you’re looking for your next challenge, have entrepreneurial flair and experience working in a fast-paced environment  – contact us!

Eden tech Business divisions

Eden Tech’s activities are divided into Core Products and Next-Generation Products.
Our Core Products are provided by Eden Materials or Eden Lab. These are ready-to-use microfluidic solutions, which have already shown to be popular with our clients around the world.
Eden’s Next-Generation Products are products under development within our R&D departments, Eden Cleantech and Eden Medtech. Both focus on the development of innovative microfluidic designs inspired by nature, to create miniaturized factories capable of processing high volumes of fluids, while maintaining low energy consumption. 

Our primary core products division. It provides innovators new materials, microfabrication equipment and accessories to boost R&D and commercialize microfluidics products.
Eden Materials
Our consulting service provides innovators with support from the very beginning of technology development. Our expertise, helps ensure the commercial viability of technologies from the start.
Eden Lab
Our primary R&D department focusing on the development of revolutionary biomimetic microfluidic systems that process high-volumes at low-energy.
Eden Cleantech
Using a biomimetic approach, Eden Medtech R&D focuses on harnessing high-volume processing to develop artificial organs.
Eden Medtech
Eden Tech Microfluidics Paris

We welcome spontaneous applications!

Job Opportunities

Eden Cleantech R&D microfluidics

Biomimetic Microfluidics Prototyping Internship

Eden Tech is looking for an microfluidics intern to join our Eden Cleantech team in the development of a new water treatment solution.

Eden Tech original microfludics technology

Graphic Design Internship

Eden Tech is currently looking for a Graphic Design Intern, to support the marketing communications goals of our company.

Eden Tech original microfludics technology

Microfluidic Simulation & Web Specialist

Eden Tech is looking for a Microfluidic Simulation & Web Specialist, with a Ph.D. in Microfluidics to lead the development of innovative simulation tools for our company website.

Product Design/Production Engineer - Offer Closed

Eden Tech is currently looking for a Product Design/Production Engineer, specialized in mechanical engineering, to lead the development of new products and manage production processes toward the industrialization. 

Eden Cleantech R&D microfluidics

Microfluidics R&D Engineer - Offer Closed

Eden Microfluidics is looking for a R&D ENGINEER, specialized in microfluidic technologies, to lead the development of our products through to market deployment, including design activities and verification of the device efficacy during product evaluation. 

eden microfluidics becomes eden tech

Eden Tech

11 Rue de Lourmel 
Paris 75015, France

Client Facing Offices:
172 Rue de Charonne
Paris 75011, France

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Trademark Flexdym  and Sublym – EU.IP Offices.