Groundbreaking 3D Microfluidic Mold Service

FLUIMOLD Microfluidic mold service

Discover The New Era Of Mold Microfabrication

True 3D

  • Micro to millimetric features into one design
  • Enables true cellular microenvironment
  • Advanced design: rounded, slopes, high aspect ratio...

Fast In Every Aspect

  • Print straight from your CAD
  • Delivery in less than 4 weeks
  • Customer support always available

High resolution mold compatible with: Soft Lithography

Let's unpack this:

Print your FLUI'MOLD

Replicate in PDMS

Replicate in epoxy resin

Hot emboss your Flexdym chip

Our Mold Service Application Fields

Microfluidic Mold Service
  • Lab on a Chip
  • Organ on a Chip
  • Point of Care
  • Microneedles
  • Photonics
  • MEMS
  • Microphysiological systems
  • Cellular microenvironment
  • General microfluidics

The journey of your FLUI'MOLD

From Design To FLUI'MOLD

Microfluidic Mold ServiceFLUIMOLD Microfluidic mold service

Slopes for fine tuning flow transition and enhanced demolding.

Microfluidic mold serviceMicrofluidic mold service

Rounded channels to emulate true cellular micro-environments.

Microfluidic mold serviceMicrofluidic mold service

Multiple heights for different mixing ratio, in one single print.

Technical Features

Substrate material
Substrate sizes
20x20 mm and 40x40 mm
Printer resolution (x,y,z)
(0.7µm, 0.7µm, 2.5µm)
Non-cytotoxic photopolymer

They already trust our microfabrication mold service


Can I request a SU8 silicon wafer master mold?

Most microfluidic designs are relatively small compared to a SU8 4” wafer. At Eden Tech, we focus on proposing new options, going beyond what photolithography can achieve, by printing very complex geometry for many application fields.

We currently propose a 40X40 and 20X20 mm mold printed with a non-cytotoxic resin on a glass substrate. However, to satisfy every customer needs, we are in the process of developing the 4” wafer mold while maintaining the same high resolution.

Why should I use FLUI'MOLD instead of photolithography?

Both FLUI’MOLD and photolithography can achieve high-resolution fabrication (~1µm), but only our service provides seamless variations in microchannel height. With FLUI’MOLD you can refine your research by recreating complex geometries such as circular, sloped, or trapezoidal channels.

This level of precision enables new research opportunities, for instance in rheology where circular microchannels can accurately mimic blood microvessels, or in photonics, by printing µ-semi-circular channels to facilitate the embedding of the optical fibers in microfluidic channels and many more prospects. If you are interested in Contact Our Microfluidic Mold Service.

How does two photon polymerization (2PP) printing boost my microfabrication process?

After mold fabrication, microfluidic devices can be fabricated through one of two main methods: soft lithography and hot embossing. In both cases, devices unmolding can become challenging if the design presents fragile structures, such as a high-aspect ratio.

FLUI’MOLD uses 2PP technology which can print channels with highly precise angle slopes and create trapezoidal microchannels. This allows the integration of bevels in the design to enhance the stability of your mold during the demolding process of PDMS, Flexdym or other polymers. 

Can FLUI'MOLD print microfluidic structures with high aspect ratio?

Yes, we can. We can print structures with A/R of 1/100 and higher, however, to limit the risk of damaging your mold, we recommend maintaining your A/R below 1/5  for soft lithography and 1/3 for hot embossing.

Can I produce PDMS chips from FLUI'MOLD?

FLUI’MOLD is indeed fully compatible with PDMS soft lithography. We recommend classical mold silanization before its first use. Contact Our Microfluidic Mold Service

Can I make PMMA/COC/ Flexdym chips using FLUI'MOLD?

While molds made with FLUI’MOLD cannot withstand the high pressure and temperature required to achieve polymers or Flexdym hot embossing, is possible to generate an epoxy mold starting from FLUI’MOLD. 

At Eden Tech, we propose solutions to help you prepare such molds: Epoxym kit or Contact Our Microfluidic Mold Service.

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About Us

Eden Tech is a company reinventing microfluidics with user-friendly and scalable solutions. Our products are aimed at pushing forward both academic and industrial innovation.

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Untap the Power

About Us

Eden Tech is a company reinventing microfluidics with user-friendly and scalable solutions. Our products are aimed at pushing forward both academic and industrial innovation.

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