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Eden Medtech Microfluidics Organ-on-chip Artificial organs
Fluid microtechnology first revolutionized the medtech industry, with the ability of manipulating cells in fluids at the smallest scale. This is what gave us faster genetic testing, portable blood machines, and novel cellular therapies.

EDEN is ready to achieve the second medtech industry, with its expertise and most of all, its high-volume, low-pressure microfluidic systems.

High-Volume Artificial Organs

Microfluidic devices can be used to transport blood similarly to organs in our bodies.

Microfluidics is well-used for its small volume capabilities. Yet, it is highly underused in large volume applications. With EDEN, you can now tackle challenges of all volume, and be assured that your solution is well-placed for large impact.

Our team of experts have worked on hundreds of medical devices, creating prototypes and developing them into commercial devices. We are passionate to bring microfluidic innovation to society, to push the boundaries of fluidic microtechnology, for a healthier, fairer world.

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