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Sublym - Alternative To Soft-lithography

The Sublym100 is a great alternative to soft-lithography microfabrication, for easy and quick production of your microfluidic devices.

The SuBlym100 is a hot embossing machine, using heat and pressure to mold a variety of materials in a matter of minutes. More specifically, it has been optimized for Flexdym polymer molding in only 2 minutes, but can also be used to mold various other thermoplastics, including PMMA.

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Do you require an alternative to soft-lithography microfabrication? Because the Sublym100 hot embossing machine is a great option for easy and quick production of microfluidic chips.

The SuBlym100 is a hot embossing machine, using heat and pressure to mold a variety of materials in a matter of minutes. Consequently, it serves as a great alternative to soft-lithography casting. More specifically, the Sublym100 has been optimized for Flexdym polymer molding in only 2 minutes, but it can also be used to mold various other thermoplastics, including PMMA.

Check out below additional advantages of the Sublym100:
  • Easy-to-use, with no extensive training is needed to operate it. The Sublym is the perfect equipment for accelerating projects.
  • An ultra-compact design, that’s not much bigger than a laptop. The Sublym100 is dramatically smaller than standard commercial hot embossing machines, weighing up to 500 kg.
  • A user-friendly system, that is only powered by electricity. You can plug-and-play in the smallest of spaces.
  • Dramatically cheaper than other microfabrication equipment. The Sublym makes microfluidics more accessible to everyone.
4 Easy steps to create Flexdym chips using the Sublym:
  1. Cut a Flexdym sheet to the size of your device.
  2. Next, mold the sheet by placing the sheet, between your mold and the counter mold (included in the Sublym kit), inside the machine.
  3. Then, unmold the sheet and create inlet/outlet ports. Check out our metal punch pliers for this step.
  4. Finally, laminate sheet onto substrate. Flexdym can bond to various materials including, itself, glass, PDMS, PS, PC, COC, COP and PMMA.

A note to our Flex users: the Sublym also serves a great bonding aid for standardized Flexdym chip bonding.

This microfabrication countertop companion allows quick prototyping and production of microfluidic chips at a push of a button! What else could you need?

Want to find out more on what types of molds to use in hot embossing? Check out our Epoxym kit, solution for replicating molds.

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33 x 34 x 11 cm3

Molding size

Up to 4" in diameter (Suitable for multiple microscope slide molding)

Max Mold Thickness

1cm (Opt:1.5cm)


50°C – 180°C

Temperature Ramp

180°C / 5min

Approximate Force

1.2kN to 1.8kN



Sublym Hot Embossing Machine

Sublym Hot Embossing machine for thermoplastics molding | Eden Tech

The Sublym vs. A Hot Press

Sublym hot embossing machine GIF

Sublym Machine


Optimized for Flexdym molding in only 1-2 minutes!


Compact & User-friendly design that requires little to no training.


Dramatically cheaper than most standard clean room equipment. This small investment is an opportunity for you to begin exploring microfluidics.

Classic Hot Press


Not optimized for Flexdym molding, therefore longer  molding time.


Less easy to use alternative for the Sublym.


Slightly more expensive than the Sublym100, but a standard piece of equipment which is generally installed in fabrication facilities.

Eden Tech Youtube Channel

Videos & tips demonstrating how easy it is to to use all our products! Find step-by-step explanations on a variety of topics including:

Flexdym Bonding
Flexdym Molding
Sublym Program Setup
Epoxym kit steps
and more…

Create Flexdym Microfluidic Devices In Minutes With Sublym

Flexdym Devices Using Sublym


Cut Flexdym Sheet Sketch orange Flexdym microfluidic device image orangeFlexdym roll orange | Eden Tech

Cut a Flexdym sheet


Mold Flexdym Sheet Sketch orange | Eden Tech

Mold in 2 minutes using the Sublym


Flexdym Create Inlets and Outlets Sketch Orange | Eden Tech

Create inlet/outlet ports


Flexdym Device Ready Sketch Orange | Eden Tech

Bond Flexdym to substrate

Molds For Hot Embossing

Expoxy-resin mold | Eden Tech

Epoxy Resin Mold

One of the the best options for hot embossing, remains robust through repeated molding cycles. Our Epoxym kit enables the fabrication of epoxy mold replicas from Silicon wafers.

Glass Mold

Glass Mold

Etched glass molds are another robust option for hot embossing. 

Metal Mold

Metal Mold

Metal molds, such as those made from aluminium, are a robust option. 

Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafer

The least ideal option for hot embossing are SU-8 & silicon wafers, due to their fragility and ease of breakage. However, when carefully handled and coated with non-stick spray, they may do the trick. 

Versatility: Sublym Molds Various Materials


Optimized for Flexdym molding in 2-10 minutes.


Molding time varies.


Molding time varies.


Sublym Advantages for Academic Research

Sublym Advantages for Industry

Who Are Sublym Users?

Flexdym New Material for Academic Microfluidics Prototyping | Eden Tech
Flexdym New Material for Academic Microfluidics Industrial R&D | Eden Tech
Flexdym New Material for R&D biotech start-ups | Eden Tech
Flexdym New Microfabrication material for R&D device fabs | Eden Tech

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