Eden Microfluidics visits the SOLEIL Synchrotron

Eden’s business developer Roberta Menezes, Ph.D. and CTO Vivien Lacour had the great pleasure of presenting our unique #Flexdym polymer to the beamline scientists of SOLEIL.

Flexdym is an alternative to PDMS, one of the most popular materials used in microfluidics. It is biocompatible, transparent, and has the added advantage of a fast and easy microfabrication protocol. This was shown by 10-minute live demonstration done at the synchrotron!

As an added bonus, our team was given a tour of the facilities by microfluidics lab manager & beamline scientist Benedikt Lassalle . It’s not everyday you get to see a 354 meter ring accelerate electrons at nearly the speed of light!

These are finally manipulated and used to analyze any type of matter, ranging from protein structures to ancient relics!

Thank you again to the SOLEIL team for welcoming us!

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