Introducing Eden Tech’s Microfluidic Technology

New flexdym video eden tech microfluidics technology

After much anticipation, our first Flexdym video is finally out!

Many of you have been asking us for videos of our Flexdym polymer, a great alternative to PDMS. Well, we heard you. Now you can check out all of the exciting features of our polymer with your very own eyes.

Are you familiar with our Flexdym polymer? The Flexdym is a biocompatible polymer, particularly well-suited for microfluidic biological applications. This is because it is an thermoplastic elastomer, combining the elastic properties of PDMS with the easy molding of thermoplastics. With Flexdym, you can now use the same material to boost your device production and scale-up your microfluidics technology. It is a unique technology which can help bridge the existing gap between academia and industry!

In our video below, you will be able to observe the fabrication of Flexdym microfluidic devices consists of four easy steps:

  • Cut the Flexdym chip to the size of your mold.
  • Place into our Sublym hot embossing machine.
  • Next, demold the Flexdym.
  • Finally, laminate molded Flexdym onto the substrate.

This molding process can be completed within 1 to 5 minutes, depending on your design and the molding parameters. The speed of the process is possible thanks to our Sublym machine, which has been optimized for Flexdym molding.

The Sublym is user-friendly hot embossing machine, which requires minimal training and has a compact design for easy function on the smallest of benchtop spaces.

With our innovative solutions, we hope to help you save hours in the lab and allow you more time to create and innovate. Finally, we also aim to provide solutions which will help push the field of microfluidics forward, so that more technologies may be commercialized in the future!

Check out our video below:

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