Interview: A Microfluidics Startup Revolutionizing Industry

Interview with the co-founders of Eden Tech for the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the microfluidics startup.

Eden Tech is a microfluidics startup founded in 2017 to explore the potential of microfluidics, since then, we have been advancing in bringing new microfluidic-based design and microfabrication solutions to revolutionize the industry and tackle global challenges.

On the occasion of Eden tech’s 4th Anniversary, let’s hear from our Co-founders Emmanuel Roy and Cecile Perrault about their journey, and how they envision the future of Eden Tech!

Dr. Cecile Perrault

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Eden Tech - Co Founder - Cecile Perrault - microfluidics startup

What was your motivation behind starting Eden Tech?

Until funding Eden Tech, I was a researcher and I had my research lab. I really enjoyed the teaching, building of new ideas, and finding new knowledge. I always wanted to use all of this in a way it could have a more direct impact on society, and that can be difficult in academic research. So, I decided to move from research towards innovation, and test a different setting than the usual academic one.

I knew that we had great potential with our new microfluidics solutions. I also observed a lot of microfluidic innovation was not moving towards further stages of product development, and I want that to happen for microfluidics. So, I decided to help create and provide these new solutions. 

What’s been most surprising so far?

The genetic modification that I underwent from being an academic researcher to being a founder of a company. The focus you need to develop a product by a specific deadline is more intense than in academic research. Academic research allows time for exploring and questioning, but in a company setting, time becomes a key factor.

What is the favorite part of your job? What excites you the most?

The excitement and the joy of working on the development of new technologies and the ability to apply my knowledge to build solutions for major societal challenges. Seeing the company and everyone in the team growing with it, keeps me excited and motivated to work every day.

What do you see as the biggest accomplishments since the start of the microfluidics startup in 2017?

Everyday Eden Tech progress is a big accomplishment. Just being here with the largest team we have had so far and seeing everyone interacting happily at the lunch table is wonderful. Also, we have great results in the lab, and I know this microfluidics startup is going to conquer bigger and bigger milestones in the future.

What is your vision for this microfluidics startup for the coming year?

It’s going to be an exciting year! We have great results coming out of the lab and have new projects in preparation – and some new products are coming up. We also have a great partnership under work. I think the coming year is going to be a major step up for Eden Tech. We are going to be establishing ourselves as real innovation drivers in the world of microfluidics.

Dr. Emmanuel Roy

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eden Tech - Co Founder - Emmanuel Roy - microfluidics startup

What was your motivation behind starting Eden Tech?

I feel that when you are in a research lab, it is difficult to see the end of your work and how it can impact society. The fact that I could bring my scientific ideas to reality with the help of microfluidic technology, laboratory experience, and the support of stakeholders, has been a true adventure for me. As a material scientist and microfluidics expert, I am aware of the lack of materials for user-friendly and affordable microfabrication. By helping providing novel material and microfabrication equipment solutions to innovators, Eden Tech can be part of the field microfluidics revolution in the science and technology industry.

Another thing that inspires me is being out of my comfort zone and getting exposed to new people, ideas, and challenges. I am motivated by competing with myself to perform better and better every day.

What’s been most surprising so far?

I was surprised by the level of opportunities one can have. It is a cascade – you start working on one thing and you start finding new opportunities within it and the process continues. For example, we started from the material side and now we have a project to clean the ocean using microfluidics to create a compact advanced water treatment system.

Secondly, the transition from a researcher to an entrepreneur mindset brought many surprises – one being the notion of time. You must make quick decisions in business. I felt like academic research works at a different timescale. 

What is the favorite part of your job? What excites you the most?

My job is a combination of everything and that is fun. I always enjoy learning new skills and now I have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of a business from marketing, sales, research, and production, to the financial perspective. This is exciting.

What do you see as the biggest accomplishments since the start of the microfluidics startup in 2017?

This microfluidics startup gathers a great group of people sharing the same enthusiasm and desire for microfluidics innovation and putting their energy to bring microfluidics solutions to various industrial applications like Energy, Cleantech, MedTech, etc. I think our collective passion pushes microfluidics forward, is our biggest accomplishment.

What is your vision for this microfluidics startup for the coming years?

I am sure that microfluidics has the potential to revolutionize the industry like what micro-electronics has done in the last 50 years, or even more. We see a huge scope for microfluidic innovations in the field of biomimetic technology, energy, biotech, greentech, and chemical and industrial engineering.

Eden Tech Bowling Night - Sep 2021 Eden Tech - Co Founder - Emmanuel Roy - microfluidics startup

Celebrating microfluidics startup Eden Tech’s 4th anniversary!

Ankita Gite

Ankita Gite

Client Scientific Support Intern

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