The New Eden Tech Website

Goodbye Eden Microfluidics, Hello Eden Tech

Today, we have the pleasure of announcing to you that Eden Microfluidics has officially become: Eden Tech.

This change in our company name marks an important step for us. A step towards making the field of microfluidics more accessible to innovators around the world. A step towards changing the current perception of microfluidic technologies. Finally, a step towards bridging the gap between academia and industry. With this in mind, we strive to create and provide user-friendly solutions to help you perform your research & development more efficiently. Whether in the form of new materials, microfabrication equipment, system simulation, or the scale-up of technologies. We want to untap the hidden power of microfluidics.
Over the past 2 years, our client base has grown significantly to include biotech start-ups, prestigious academic institutions and big pharma companies around the globe. So we are excited to provide you with better communication on all our activities. These are classified into two main branches: Core Products and Next-Generation Products

Within Core Products you can find all of our current microfabrication and simulation solutions to help boost your research and commercialize your technology. The Eden Materials division provides our popular Flexdym polymer, unique microfabrication kits and other accessories. While Eden Lab is a service focused on device design optimization via flow simulation and numerical modelling. For large scale-up projects, we provide support according to selective criteria.

Next-Generation Products concern our R&D activities. Our goal is to develop industrial scale microfluidic technologies inspired by sophisticated biological systems, to tackle high volume processing while requiring minimal energy consumption. In Eden Cleantech, we use this approach to develop our AKVO waste water treatment system, targeting micropollutants. In Eden Medtech, the same strategy is implemented for the R&D of vascularized organ-on-chips and artificial organs.

The same, but better. Please make sure to check out our new website and to celebrate the arrival of Eden Tech, enjoy a 15% discount on your next Flexdym purchase with the code Eden15! (Offer available during the month of September)

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