Soft-Lithography Scale up Kit

Are you struggling with your microfluidics device development and scale-up?

Eden Tech’s Soft Lithography scale-up kit is the solution you need to boost your microfluidic device fabrication, for a research project or product development. The Scale-Up Kit is designed for researchers facing challenges in their device fabrication and production related to material properties, non-scalable material, complicated fabrication processes, or strict deadlines. It can be used for MEMS, cell culture, lab-on-a-chip etc

The Soft-Lithography Scale-up Kit contains biocompatible polymer 35 meters roll of Flexdym, a thermoplastic elastomer which serves as a great alternative to PDMS, combining its most desired material properties with the efficiency of fabrication processes used for thermoplastics. A roll allows you to fabricate more than 2500chips.

The Kit provides you with everything you need to fabricate your device for MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip, Cell culture etc. It includes:  the Sublym hot embossing machine, a 35 meters Flexdym roll and the Epoxym mold solution. It comes with a free resin refill and a port puncher. With this kit you will be able to scale-up your device production from small scale to medium scale production with our user-friendly and efficient protocols. You can make more than 2500chips, with a fabrication time of 2-3 minutes/chip. Once you are ready to begin mass production, know that the Flexdym is compatible with both roll-to-roll embossing and injection molding methods.

Unlike most other materials commonly used in microfluidics, Flexdym is the first material specifically formulated and developed for microfluidic diagnostic applications. Originally developed by our CEO, Emmanuel Roy, Flexdym was created for a point-of-care diagnostics and incorporates key material properties for these applications including softness, elasticity, optical transparency, instant assembly, treatment-free bonding, and compatibility with manufacturing processes at all scales of production. Flexdym takes you from initial prototyping to commercialization.

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