Flexdym Roll - Microfluidic Product Development

The Flexdym rolls are ideal to boost your device product and more cost-effective than our starter pack. The rolls are available in 3 standard lengths: 20 meters, 35 meters or 90 meters. Each roll is approximately 17 cm wide.  The thickness of the sheet is then available in 4 different thicknesses: 250 µm, 750 µm, 1200 µm and 2000 µm.


Flexdym Roll – Microfluidic Product Development 

Want to boost your microfluidic product development with a scalable alternative to PDMS?

The Flexdym is the new biocompatible alternative to PDMS specifically created for the scale up of microfluidic devices and microfluidic product development, in both academia or industry. Flexdym is ideal for biological applications, such as organ-on-chip and point of care diagnostics, because it is certified biocompatible. More specifically, Flexdym is certified ISO 10993 (parts 4, 5, 6, 10, 11) and UPS Class VI,  tested for toxicity and can be used for medical applications. Other advantages of Flexdym include optical transparency, low molecular sorption properties and reduced gas permeability.

Flexdym is a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) that bonds to a variety of substrates including COC, COP, PS, PC, PMMA, and PDMS. But the bonding strength varies according to the substrate, providing the option between reversible and permanent bonding. For this reason, Flexdym is an excellent option for skin-interfaced microfluidic devices or reversible sealing of microfluidic cartridges.

The Flexdym rolls are the perfect format for users who need a more cost-effective option after testing our starter pack. Here, the price per device decreases dramatically, as the roll length increases. The roll format allows users to boost their chip production, without committing to mass production. It is a intermediate option in the scale-up process of Flexdym technologies.

If you are interested in first testing out the Flexdym polymer, check out our Flexdym Starter Pack. But if you are interested in Flexdym for injection molding and mass production, you should see our Flexdym Pellets.

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250 µm, 750 µm, 1200 µm, 2000 µm


20m, 35m, 90m


17.8 cm

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