Flexdym Starter Pack - Alternative to PDMS

The Flexdym starter pack is great for first time users. Each pack contains 10 sheets of 15 x 15 cm Flexdym sheets, which can be selected from any one of our 4 thicknesses: 250 µm, 750 µm, 1200 µm and 2000 µm. And different thicknesses can be mixed in one pack!


Are you looking for an alternative to PDMS soft-lithography for your microfluidics applications? The Flexdym polymer is an increasingly popular alternative to PDMS and the first material specifically tailored for microfluidics chip fabrication. Why? Because while developing Flexdym, we seriously considered the needs of microfluidic biotech applications. Firstly, Flexdym is certified biocompatible according to international codes ISO 10993 (parts 4, 5, 6, 10, 11) and UPS Class VI. So that you can use it for the most important biological applications, such as organ-on-chip and point of care diagnostics. But this wouldn’t be enough. So we also made sure Flexdym has optical transparency, low molecular sorption properties and reduced gas permeability.

 Flexdym is a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), which can bond to a variety of substrates including COC, COP, PS, PC, PMMA, and PDMS – to name a few. This provides a large range of versatility, according to the application at hand. The bonding strength varies according to the substrate, providing the option over reversible and permanent bonding. For this reason, Flexdym serves as an excellent option for skin-interfaced microfluidic devices or for reversible sealing of microfluidic cartridges.

Another major advantage of using Flexdym as an alternative to PDMS, is that Flexdym can be used in the scale up of microfluidics chips for commercial or industrial purposes. The starter pack is the perfect format for first-time Flexdym users to test the material for their  application. In one starter pack different thicknesses can be mixed, making the selection process easier for you! Once you have discovered your thickness of choice, the next step is to scale-up with our more cost effective formats, linked here: Flexdym Rolls or Flexdym Pellets.

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250µm, 750µm, 1200µm, 2000µm, Mixed Pack


15 cm x 15 cm

Hardness Shore A


Specific gravity

0.9 g/cm3

Tear strength

15 kN/m

Tensile strength

7.6 kN/m



Molding temperature

115 – 185 °C

Molding pressure

35 Torr

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