Connector Kits – Microfluidics Connectors

Flexdym devices can be connected microfluidic syringe or pressure pumps using our luer connectors, or more compact olive connectors. Both connector types come in sets of 10 accompanied by 50 o-ring stickers which have been tested for cytotoxicity. The olive connectors have a more compact design, with reduced dead volume at inlet/outlet ports.

Eden Tech’s Connector Kit – Microfluidics Connectors.

Are you looking for easy to use microfluidics connectors for your Flexdym devices? Look no further!

Our microfluidics connector kit provides an easy method to connect your microfluidic setup to your pumps. And each kit contains 50 o-ring adhesives tested for cytotoxicity and 10 luer lok adaptors.

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1- 9, 10 – 19, > 20

Connector Type

Luer, Olive

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