Microfluidics 3D Mold service

Unleash the power of microfluidics and cell biology

Discover The New Era Of Microfabrication

True 3D

Combine sub, micro, meso and mili structures in one design.

Create true microcellular environment: microvessel, organ on chip.

Achieve complex geometries with standard photolithography.

Fast In Every Aspect

We print straight from your CAD.

Delivery in less than 4 weeks. 

Fast answer from customer support.

High resolution mold compatible with
Standard soft lithography (PDMS)
Hot embossing (flexdym / all thermoplastic materials)
Application fields
Organ On a Chip

The journey

This is how your mold will reach your research.

From Design To 3D Prints

Size Available 20X20 mm 40X40 mm

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Our team of experts is excited to take to the reality your design. 

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