Emmanuel Roy

President & CEO

Ph.D in nano and microfluidics, more than 15 years of microfluidics, microfabrication and polymers formulation experience, in acamedia (France & Canada). Technologist and inventor in both bioanalytical science and manufacturing process. Expert at the European commission and associate profesor in several MD and engineering school.

Cécile Perrault


Ph.D in microfluidics, 15 years expertise and research group leader in  biomedical engineering, nanobioengineering, tissue engineering and microfluidic in acamedia (USA, UK).  Inventor and companies advisor  in  cellular mechanics, mechanobiology, mechanotransduction and cancer mechanics.

Dual PhD in Electrical Engineering (U. of Sherbrooke, Canada) and Microengineering (U. de Franche-Comté), Vivien has extensive knowledge and experience in microfabrication.

Sébastien Cargou


Engineer & Ph.D in microfluidics, former researcher in biophysics and pharmaceutics. Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of several innovative microfluidics companies. More than 10 years expertise for advanced microfabrication and materials solutions for microfluidics development.

Jerôme Iglesias


MBA at ESSEC Business School, Paris and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, Jerome joined the adventure to make sure that our team tends to a perfect coordination to address scientific, technical and operational issues.

Guilhem Velve Casquillas

Business Developper Consultant

ENS Ph.D in microfluidics, entrepreneur and co-founder of eight innovative companies since 2011. Expertise for microfluidic flow controllers & sensors, pressure sensors, fluorescence & optical detection.

Olaf Mercier

Medical expert

Cardiothoracic surgeon and pioneer in the field of microfluidic artificial organs. Director of the clinical research unit and the surgical research Lab at Marie Lannelongue Hospital. Specialized in Lung transplation and pulmonary hypertension. Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Paris Sud University.

Scientific Consultant

ENS  Ph.D in biophysics and co-founder of several microfluidic companies. Expert in cellular and molecular biology focused on developing innovative point-of-care microfluidic system for personalized medicine and rapid theranostic problematics.

Scientific Consultant

Polytechnique  Ph.D in biophysics and co-founder of several innovative biotech companies. Co-founder of the first European micro & nanofluidic network (NMF). Experience in founding life sciences companies, developing new products and executing commercialization strategies.

Business Consultant

Engineer & ENS Ph.D in microfluidics, former researcher in biophysics and pharmaceutics.  More than 10 years expertise for advanced innovative instruments provider in health sciences. Jeremy and his team want to be a major medtech actor within the forecasting Organ-on-a-chip drug industry market.